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Deal with Disaster. Cope with Crisis. Come out a Success.

Crisis is inevitable. We clean up hurricanes, floods, fires, and earthquakes because we cannot stop them. Terrorist attacks, government shutdowns, public shootings, and health epidemics are all beyond our control.

These disasters are bound to happen, do happen, and will continue to happen. But don’t just throw your hands up in the air in apathy and dejection. Instead, consider Benjamin Franklin’s advice.

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

As Americans, we’ve faced extreme disasters over the last 15 years.

Hurricane Katrina               Boston Marathon bombings         Hurricane Sandy
Aurora shooting                  Newton shooting                 Columbine shooting
The 9/11 attacks       2008 Great Recession                    2013 Government Shutdown      

We’ve endured great stress and strain on our emotions, finances, and well-being. This pressure causes “negative panic.” We lose the ability to make rational decisions. We are unable to leave a detrimental situation because we don’t know how to cope. We are stuck in panic mode and cannot escape.

To overcome our fears, we must, as Dr. David Eifrig, Jr. advises in The Doctor’s Protocol Field Manual, “Plan the Trade; then Trade the Plan.”

Dr. David Eifrig, Jr., retired doctor and former Wall Street banker, offers a reassuring outlook that sees past America’s problems. The Doctor’s Protocol Field Manual examines natural disasters, national events, financial decisions, and medical emergencies to create a sure-fire, clear-cut way to resolve any crisis. Convoluted misinformation will not be found in this book…only memorable categories.

Design, Provision, Shield, and Prosper.

These provisions in The Doctor’s Protocol Field Manual–not anyone or anything else–will come to your aid when disaster strikes.

Ready yourself for when the worse happens.

Plummeting stocks             Unexpected decline in savings                  Unforeseen bills
Expensive healthcare costs                                    The common cold & the flu          
Identity Theft                                   Property damage                             Robbery & burglary

The Doctor’s Protocol Field Manual guides you through these major and minor life events by:

  • Preparing you to be proactive to ensure their safety and security.
  • Preparing you for major and minor disruptions.
  • Preparing you to aid yourself in a disaster.
  • Returns your life to a state of normalcy.
  • Restores order with a simple, scientific method

The Doctor’s Protocol Field Manual contains more than 100 pages of crucial life-saving information. For $25 off the regular price with free shipping included, this book only costs $4.95. Buy it now to find out important ideas, techniques, strategies, and secrets that can make you safer, happier, healthier, and more secure.