Policy Manual Sample

Due to the confidential nature of this policy manual, the PA Program of Towson University and CCBC Essex ask that I not upload the original content or its related drafts. Instead, PA Program has permitted me to provide an overview of the revisions and updates I used to complete the project. For more information about the policy manual, please contact Jack Goble at jgoblejr@ccbcmd.edu or Shirley Shaw at sshaw@ccbcmd.edu. For more information about the PA program itself, refer to http://grad.towson.edu/program/master/past-ms/.


Policy Manual Project Updates and Revisions

  • Inserted navigational table of contents in Word (easily accessible in uploaded PDF format)
  • Changed font to fit the reading situation (online)
  • Modified headings to answer reader’s questions as they arose
  • Condensed content into concise and precise verbiage
  • Maintained the PA Program brand throughout using logo’s color scheme
  • Organized the manual’s appendices as they appeared in the manual
  • Worked with faculty and staff to ensure curriculum content was current and up-to-date



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