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Today I graduate with my Master’s in Professional Writing, so as a present to all my readers and followers, I give you…

Moby-Cock; or, The Term Paper


This link provides steps to make comic book shoes.

I imagine you could do the same thing with pages from an old book from a used bookstore like the ones on this Pintrest page.

Here’s one blogger’s adventure making literary wedges.

Get crafty!

To MAWCA or Bust!

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It’s a great week because this Friday is the Mid-Atlantic Writing Center Association Conference. I’m really excited to be presenting the independent study I worked on in the fall. I also can’t wait to do a workshop on my writing to prepare it for publication. It will be especially awesome to see my old friends from York College of Pennsylvania and my new colleagues from Towson University.


In honor of the general nerdiness, read McSweeney’s.

A take on writing for perfectionists:

A take on Strunk & White:

Fridge Art

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Advice for today…IMG218


I have a set of “Bookish” Magnetic Words that I got for about $10.



When I’m struggling to come up with content, I’ll play around with the words until inspiration hits…or I get hungry and then proceed to raid the fridge. Good strategy is it not?

















You can get your own set or play with magnetic words for free (minus the fridge) here. Happy writing!




Calvin and Hobbes

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Is is creative nonfiction if the story is hyperbolic?


Is it “last minute panic” if the fear is planned to increase productivity?


Bo’s Cafe Life

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Find more funny, self-deprecating writing comics at

This is my job searching life.


This is my revision life.




This is my writing life.


POEM–great skits about the great people who are completely neurotic about language usage…and proud of it. From Garrison Keillor’s radio show, A Prairie Home Companion.



From A Bit of Fry and Laurie

Read about Books

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