The Learning House

Posted: May 1, 2014 in Uncategorized

It’s with great excitement that I get to announce my full-time employment status with The Learning House. I’m an Enrollment Counselor who schedules interested students for their online classes. The Learning House is a one-stop-shop service for colleges seeking to integrate an online course program in their educational plan. The company serves as an all-purpose service: it does the works–learning management system upkeep, marketing, recruitment, enrollment, and retention. It’s exciting to be working at a job that aligns with my career interests (higher education) and my personal passions (helping people by working with them one-on-one).


In the meantime, I’m taking on consulting work. My current projects consist of writing an appeal letter and a scholarship letter. It’s great to finally have some stability in my finances and my schedule.  I’ve been truly blessed with this opportunity! If you need assistance with writing or know someone who struggles with day-to-day writing assignments feel free to contact me at I’m always looking for extra side writing projects.


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