Discover your inner writing process

Posted: April 2, 2014 in Writing Advice
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Top 3 Tips

  • Read. Read to learn through osmosis. Read aloud to listen for the sound of your writing voice
  • Complete 10,000 hours of writing practice
  • Develop rituals to help you structure/support your writing life. These patterns help save you time because you are more efficient.

Writing prompts

  • Write about a time when you realized something you did became a habit. Did it feel like a chain? Or was it a good habit, something you had worked hard for? When and how did it go from a cobweb to a cable, from fragile to unbreakable?
  • Write about a ritual in your life. Where does it come from (ex. a need to feel safe)
  • Write about when you decided you were a writers or when you realized you wanted to write
  • Write about a time when your life unraveled and how writing put it back together
  • Write about an obsession
  • Write “I believe” and keep going
  • Write about your name. Who named you and why?
  • Write what you are. Start with “I am”


  • What helps you get ideas/inspiration
  • What motivates you to write
  • What helps you get your work organized/outlined
  • What helps you write rather than not write
  • What are the best patterns for revisions
  • What helps you complete projects
  • What surroundings are conducive/distracting to writing, planning, revising
  • What time of day/week is best for generating ideas, outlining, writing, revising
  • What tools, sound, or people help your process
  • Think about the length of time for your writing sessions. What positions do you need to be in? What medium (pen/pencil, paper/computer) do you need?


How not to write bad: Ben Yagoda

Kicking the wall: Barbara Abercrombie

Write is a verb: Bill O’Hanlon



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