Persuasive Business Writing

Posted: January 10, 2014 in Pedagogy

How we write and how we talk is how we define ourselves.~William Zinsser

Effective persuasion is founded on remarkable products and services. These products and services are built to be noticeable because the enticements they contain are innovative enough to combat consumers’ attention deficit to marketing. Having a user-centered design and a rhetorical awareness in the writing’s design. To accomplish organization, the needs, outcomes, and recommended solutions should be presented in a way that tells a compelling, engaging, articulate story to creates a positive impression. Your writing style should be readable: sentences should be 14-22 words in length with single-syllable words, and vigorous verbs should carry the weight of the sentence.

If you wish to persuade me, you must think my thoughts, feel my feelings, and speak my words.~Cicero

To be persuasive, understand your audience’s stance by asking “What is my goal? Who am I writing to?” and build a bridge between their understanding and yours. Your end goal is not to manipulate the person, but to help the person decide the best course of action. Use a three step process to convince the person to see your point of view.

  1.  Present a centralized focus centered on the customer’s needs and goals. Your centralized focus should answer, “What can I deliver? Why my product and not the competitor’s?”
  2. Build a balanced argument around the bottom-line message using simple, clear, precise language that is free of jargon. Demonstrate an awareness of the customer’s key issues and follow up with a plan to resolve these areas of concern with your product or service. Write strategically to make the your message appear transparent and trustworthy to even the most skeptical reader.
  3. Incorporate supporting details–statistics and anecdotes work well. Identify what results will occur, and these should be measurable, direct consequence of your product’s impact.
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