WCCP: Survey Cover Letter

Posted: December 10, 2013 in Writing Center
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WCCP: Survey Cover Letter

Greetings from Towson University!


I am emailing you because your Writing Center director informed me that you are an undergraduate tutor who has a minimum of one semester tutoring experience. If this is not the case, please disregard this email.


I am a graduate student in the Professional Writing Program at Towson University. While pursuing my undergraduate degree at York College of Pennsylvania, I was a peer writing tutor just like you. Currently, I serve as the graduate student board representative for the Mid-Atlantic Writing Center Association (MAWCA).

This year, my love of writing centers and collaborative learning has culminated into a formal research project that is going to look at the long and short-term effects of being a peer tutor in college. This study is an extension of The Peer Writing Tutor Alumni Research Project (more information can be found here: http://www.writing.wisc.edu/pwtarp/) and will assess the transferable job skills gained from the peer tutoring experience.

I plan to present this research at the 2014 MAWCA conference. I encourage you to come to the conference, which will be held at Salisbury University on April 4-5, 2014.

I will also be writing a report intended for publication that will summarize the survey’s findings. If you are interested in receiving a copy of the paper, please let me know.

How can YOU help?

I am hoping you will take time out of your busy schedule to participate in this important study. Except for your time and trouble, there are no foreseeable risks in participating in the research. The amount of time it will take will vary on your answers and experience.

I trust that the enclosed survey will provide a useful opportunity for you to reflect on your time as a tutor and as a student. Please be honest. What I’m looking for are thoughtful, candid, and detailed reflections on your experience. I know your response will be of great significance to the writing center community.

By responding to the survey and returning it to me, you are, in effect, giving me your consent to use your response as outlined above.

You are not required to complete or to sign the survey or to answer anything that might make you uncomfortable. Your status as a tutor will be in no way affected by your choice to participate or not. The responses will be coded to the master list of peer writing tutors, and should I quote you in any form, I will not use your name and will seek your permission first.

On board? Great! Here’s what to do next.
  1. Fill out the attached the survey as a Word document. Do not include your name anywhere on the completed survey!
  2. Create an email with the subject line: Peer Tutoring Survey Response
  3. Attach your completed survey and hit send.
  4. Save yourself some time. Do not include your name or a message in the email you send to me.

The last day I will accept surveys is Sunday, November 24, 2013. Please return the completed survey to me by that date to ensure your response will be part of the study.

If you have any questions about the project, you can reach me at 717-818-0861 or Cheryl Brown, my faculty sponsor at 410-704-2258 or the Chairperson of the Towson IRB at 410-704-2236.


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