Writing Philosophy

Posted: December 9, 2013 in Philosophy


  • The embodiment of keen concentration necessary for producing a clean, polished copy.
  • A working knowledge of MLA, APA, and Chicago style guides.
  • Microsoft Word, Googledocs, and Adobe Publisher.
  • professionally handles multiple deadlines, requests, and demands.
  • Immediately recognizes when to compromise, negotiate, or delegate assigned projects.


3-D Services

  1. Dedicated to making every word carry weight to get the bottom-line message across
  2. Diligent when seeking out all avenues of possibility to solve a problem
  3. Determined to meet every time-sensitive deadline


Written Interaction

  • Writing founded on a strong relationship with the writer.
  • When asked to critique a work, comments are clear, concise, and constructive.
  • If multiple drafts are required, they are delivered in a timely manner with all corrections made.


Editing Services

  • Tightens up wordy prose, smooths out awkward transitions, and resolves factual errors.
  • The final copy has concepts that are organized and clearly-labeled to eliminate confusion.
  • This deductive approach delivers audience-focused pieces any time, any place, anywhere.


Research Capabilities

  • Handle any research task, finds any piece of information, and documents the findings in an organized manner.
  • The pursuit of knowledge is the end goal.
  • Accurate use library databases, search engines, academic journals, pop culture, and qualitative and quantitative data to get accurate results that support a claim.
  • Can present the information via verbal and visual forms in ways that engage the listener and viewer.


Reading Abilities

  • Comes with extensive functions for reading and can be commanded to see, retain, evaluate, and respond to all types of written material.
  • Recognizes reading as a way of obtaining knowledge.
  • Successful with all types of written texts because its programming system is adept at quickly recognizing how to approach a text.


Personal Interaction

  • When given a new assignment,  sets a game plan and only deviates when there is an if-then causal link.
  • Logical approach, but contains elements of creativity, resourcefulness, and exceptional intellect.
  • Not only tailored to perform independent work also participate in group tasks.
  • Exudes affability and perseverance with a positive “Yes, we can!” attitude.
  • Collaboration and adaptation techniques allow for versatility in any writing situation.

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